Go to the article: influentialwebmarketing.com “Internet Marketing” “Can’t Make Money Online” “How To Make Money Blueprint” What is online marketing and how do I do it’ is the question on millions of minds as we speak. We’ve all heard about this way of making money from home and yet few of us truly understand the concept. Let’s explore further and learn just what it is and how to do it. Online Marketing is also known as: o Internet Marketing o Web Marketing oe Marketing Each being one in the same as each market products or services over the internet driving sales to the merchant or the person owning the product. A percentage of each sale is paid to the online marketer. The internet creates many unique benefits to anyone interested in marketing, the biggest and most significant of which being doing more with less. The online marketing technique lowers cost and provides greater capabilities for the sales of information and products. Internet marketing is interactive providing instant and eliciting responses a unique quality of the online experience. Internet marketing provides many opportunities to promote products with little to no over head. How There are tons of offers available online which claim to teach the best methods to earn money and success. However, there is just as much free information as well. You can learn a sound base of knowledge from this and as your knowledge grows and develops you will naturally create your own methods. You now have the foundation to