www.tkqlhce.com For jobsonline - the best jobs online 2010 - 2011 see a trusted online site -Tips on How to Get That First oDesk Assignment- jobsonline 0Desk is a marketplace where freelancers and employers meet. Job openings posted by employers (or as oDesk calls them, “buyers”) could range from web designing, to programming, to article writing, to admin support, to data entry, to forum posters. With these kind of job openings, freelance web designers, writers and programmers are now able to have the opportunity to get paid either by the hour or per project doing what they’re good at in the comforts of their own homes. Yes, an employer from the US could hire a freelance web designer from the Philippines, or a buyer from Australia could hire a virtual assistant from India. While this setup maybe what most would call a “dream job” or the ideal job, it still takes quite some effort from the part of a freelance provider to get noticed by a buyer. Fact is, with freelancers having similar skills and different rates and with buyers having different preferences, it’s not always easy to land on a job at oDesk. However, it should be noted still that the first thing an oDesk buyer looks at is the profile of an oDesk freelance provider. And that is mainly what a freelance provider should work on. Here are some great tips (I say great because I personally have tried and tested these before I decided to post this article) that will help you land on that first oDesk assignment: 1